the professional, yet pretentious, version…

Sarah Johnson began ‘on love street’ to combine twin interests – blogging & all things aesthetic. Her love of design, fashion, travel, & gardening have propelled her to be one of the premier tastemakers on Pinterest. With over 3.3 million followers and an Alianzo ranking of #7 worldwide, Sarah carefully curates her boards for maximum visual artistry.

With a BA in Anthropology from the University of Washington, her coursework included classes in Art History, Architecture, & English literature. Her hands-down favourite course was a class in Romantic Art taught by the legendary Constantine Christofides. For Sarah, it was simply transformative, creatively & culturally.

Between then & now, true love found her, beautiful babies were born, homes were lovingly decorated, gardens were tamed & designed, and madcap adventures were had. Her family has alternated summer holidays between a beach house in Newfoundland and weeks spent exploring Europe. This summer will find her road-tripping throughout Central Europe, an adventure that will inspire many a blog post, we’re sure.

Whether you’re moved by design, travel, lazy Sundays, shopping or simply enamoured by the idea of a life well-lived, Sarah invites you along for the ride. ‘on love street’ is a viewfinder into her life & taste. Feel free to subscribe or connect via Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter and share your well-lived lives with Sarah.

Sarah currently lives with her husband, children & French bulldog, Pierre, just outside Vancouver in sunny Ocean Park, B.C.

… or, the real me, warts & all…

I was born a daughter and a sister. I became a friend and then a wife and mom. I feel, at all times, blessed. I believe the universe behaves like a boomerang, returning to you all the energy you expended tenfold. I aim for kindness whenever possible. I think laughter is the best medicine. I think that travel is the best education and that reading is the next best thing. I feel the most healthy and whole with salty sea air in my lungs and the wind on my face. I both like and dislike people. (Sometimes the same ones.) It has been my experience that an afternoon with loved ones followed by an indulgent nap are the surest cure I know to restore my peace of mind. I make mistakes. Sometimes, I learn so much from them, I make them again. I believe that personal fulfillment comes from doing the small things that we enjoy daily. I indulge in many a guilty pleasure. I find that forming new habits is much easier than giving up old ones. I believe in ethics over morals. But, most of all, I believe in love.

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