garden inspiration… #hellebore

I’m making this snappy today as it’s Friday and it’s been a crazy busy week. As our weather has fluctuated between bright & crisp to blustery & wet, I’ve only managed a few magical moments in my garden this week. I planted a few bulbs and made sure to mulch my hellebores. They are looking very sturdy and dull at the moment, but I know that they will repay me in the next few months with big drooping heads of lovely blooms (that I will share on Instagram, as usual). The following images are some of my very favorites, a few of which I actually have. TGIF, my friends! Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

single pink hellebore

single purple hellebore

"Blue Metallic Lady" hellebore

lime green hellebore

double pink hellebore

spotted hellebore

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board crush… #wildmoonwoman

Today, I’d like to share my newest board with you – Wild Moon Woman. It has been a very long time in the making as I kept seeing these lovely images that I’d “like” yet had no place to pin. I think it all came together when I found this bit of prose that best defines the board,

“wild moon woman

you were not made

to be tame.

you are an earthquake

shaking loose

everything that

is not soul.

shake, woman, shake.” ~ Elyse Morgan

And, if there’s any reason why I’ve been a little absent lately, it is this, I’m in the zone. Also, FYI, when I add new images or look at this board at all, I hear the opening soundtrack to “Outlander” just so you know. 😉 Have a lovely soul-shaking day, you wild women you! xoxo

wolf girl

run, woman. run.


fairy princess

moon love.

wild moon woman.

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home inspiration… #livingrooms

What better room to showcase your personality than the room we actually “live” in? My living room takes on so many roles at so many times of the year, I’ve tried to inject it with as much personality & character as I can. It hosts friends & relatives when they visit; it is the focal point come Christmas; it hosts (in rotation) our annual neighbourhood Christmas party; it is visible from our front door when anyone visits; and, most importantly, it is the place where we, as a family, relax & spend time together. I’ve tried to pick photos today that, more than anything, show rooms injected with their owner’s personalities, taste, & sense of humour. Enjoy! (For my home, I’ll share a few snaps via Instagram this week!)

feminine space


neutral + black



stark yet artsy

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